HBSA II has been in continuous practice since 1961. Over the years, this firm has designed many projects ranging from minor repairs to large-scale land and building developments.

In addition to the inherent age and experience, a diversified staff supports Harry Baker Smith Architects. With this strong group of people, HBSA II can handle essentially any project, large or small.

Over the past several years, our firm has aggressively developed a graphics department utilizing the latest technology available. Our renderings have been featured in local and national publications and our clients routinely use the artwork in sales brochures and promotional packages.

HBSA II maintains its commitment to utilizing the most current technology available. With our production equipment and management software, the in-house staff produces work accurately and in a timely fashion.

Dedication to research, master planning, technological advances and cost control has resulted in an impressive record of excellence. Attention to detail in design and inspection of construction enables the staff and its consultants to better serve the clients. HBSA II has continually maintained a close liaison with every sector of the construction industry to stay current with all aspects of building construction. Our relationship with local, state, and national regulatory agencies and knowledge of required building codes and zoning ordinances has enabled us to successfully acquire necessary permits.

Outside consultants utilized by HBSA II are some of the most qualified in the area. Our firm maintains a steady relationship with consultants to provide complete and ongoing interaction for efficient project coordination.

HBSAII’s longevity and success is largely due to our attention to the details of clients’ needs, and the ability to produce functional, aesthetically pleasing designs within the limits of the project budget. SMITH ARCHITECTS II, PLLC.